Connection lost to website sometimes

Sometimes when I open a website the website dont get opend. It show me that Page not found and that I should control the netwerk connection.So I look in the Query log and it show this picture above. I think the that packages get lost, but I dont know why.

Pi Hole
I have a Resbery 4. Maybe there are to much lists and so?

When I flush the log it workes again mostly.

Thank you in advance.

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Is there a reason for using 12 upstream servers? Can you use just one upstream provider and see if this issue goes away?

Think that 12 Server dont do trouble. Secondly i think that when one DNS Server cant answer my question that one of the other do it. But since I read your post I think that the last sentence dont make sence.

I will try one provider.

Excuse me but maybe I destry my pi os so could you maybe say to me what blaclist I used and what was whitelisted. I send a debug log 2 weeks ago maybe it is still available.

Debug logs are deleted 48 hours after they are uploaded. That file no longer exists.

Too bad.
Is there config file saved in the boot sd card?

No, backups are users responsibility.

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