Confused by WireGuard directions?

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of setting up WireGuard on my Pi and following this guide:

I am very confused by the ${NAME} commands. As requested, I replace the NAME with client name so ${cor_sd_question}.
However, this just creates ".conf" and ".key" etc. files, and when I then go on to add another client those get overwritten and I lose my connection on the original client.

Am I supposed to replace the entire ${NAME}?
What is the ${}?

Thank you! ! :slight_smile:

Just replace the client_name value once in the name variable definition from the example, i.e. change the line:


to your desired value, e.g.


${name} will then make use of that parameter value throughout the rest of the example scripts, e.g.

wg genpsk > "${name}.psk"

will be executed as

wg genpsk > "cor_sd_question_client_1.psk"
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Thank you! :slight_smile: