Conditional Forwarding doesn't work

Expected Behaviour:

After I set up conditional forwarding, the name of my devices will be shown up on Pi-hole Admin Console.

Actual Behaviour:

There're still only devices IP address on Pi-hole Admin Console.

Debug Token:

And please let me know if there is any requirement for my router.

Conditional forwarding is not successful with some routers.

As an alternative, you can use your Pi-Hole to serve DHCP and it will obtain client information directly from the clients, and conditional forwarding won't be required.

So can there be two DHCP servers in a network?

Yes, but.

  1. They need to be on non-overlapping ranges so each doesn't try to provide the same IP address to different clients.

  2. There may still be problems when leases are renewed. Many users have reported no problems with two DHCP servers on non-overlapping ranges, but there is a possiblity you may have problems.

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