Commonly Whitelisted Domains

"Domains used by Plex" can not be copy/pasted due to the use of the hypen in the section. Changing it to a hash (#) would allow it to be copy/pasted while maintaining the context.

The post is a wiki so you should be able to edit it. Are you unable to edit the post?

I couldn't yesterday as I was too new, I can now and will. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I'm new so I can't edit but these are required for sales/technical support chat for Optus (Australian Internet Provider)

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Microsoft store needs to open up

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You need to whitelist to sync microsoft edge with other devices.

Origin needs to load savegames in the cloud

MSNBC video player

pihole -w

Added towards Whitelist entries for, as of discovered by this thread and confirmed by me.

Facebook & Facebook Messenger

For Facebook & Facebook Messenger users, the whitelisted domains from the original post did not allow any chat history on Messenger or Facebook websites to load. These are the domains that I whitelisted to access Facebook Messenger's chat history and Facebook's website:

Facebook's website:

pihole -w

Facebook Messenger:

pihole -w

Facebook Messenger (Same as above but only if you want to see the domains individually per input):

pihole -w
pihole -w
pihole -w
pihole -w

Note for the above domains
I use Microsoft Edge as my browser so that's why (at least I think) I whitelisted to get it working.

Please feel free to correct me if I did something wrong. New account, and newbie to pihole :slight_smile: I also edited the main wiki post with the same domain under the Facebook section.

To allow searching and downloading Updates for Microsoft Edge Browser this domain is required:

Thank you!

I have some problems to see the Microsoft Store Page.

Only with this Whitelisted Pages I can reach the Microsoft Store:

The whitelist command should be revised. thanks

Google Account Settings (Security, etc) access from Android Device

I had to whitelist this to get access to my Google account settings via smartphone (OnePlus 8T)'s thumbnails break if these are blocked.

pihole -w
or you can use regex below to whitelist both at once
pihole -w ^s1?\.yimg[\.a-z]+$

Minecraft Realms Plus (paid service) - uploads were being blocked.
Whitelist the following domains to allow saved worlds to be uploaded to the Minecraft/MS servers:

Pihole was blocking Upgrade to Windows 11 so i disabled it and i get the updates, i dont know which link to whitelist, i just give information about that.

When using Chrome browser on a mobile device if you visit a Reddit post it will ask you if you want to open the post in the official Reddit app. You have to unblock this domain or it won't load the specific post, just the app itself.

pihole -w

To be specific, the domain to be whitelisted is: