Commonly Whitelisted Domains

These are domains, not URL's.

I'm new so I don't have permission to edit the original Wiki post. I wanted to add the following item.

Videos in

pihole -w


iHeart Radio (and Plex Podcast) - unblock this domain for the actual stream needed:

"Domains used by Plex" can not be copy/pasted due to the use of the hypen in the section. Changing it to a hash (#) would allow it to be copy/pasted while maintaining the context.

The post is a wiki so you should be able to edit it. Are you unable to edit the post?

I couldn't yesterday as I was too new, I can now and will. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I'm new so I can't edit but these are required for sales/technical support chat for Optus (Australian Internet Provider)

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Microsoft store needs to open up

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You need to whitelist to sync microsoft edge with other devices.

Origin needs to load savegames in the cloud

MSNBC video player

pihole -w

Added towards Whitelist entries for, as of discovered by this thread and confirmed by me.

Facebook & Facebook Messenger

For Facebook & Facebook Messenger users, the whitelisted domains from the original post did not allow any chat history on Messenger or Facebook websites to load. These are the domains that I whitelisted to access Facebook Messenger's chat history and Facebook's website:

Facebook's website:

pihole -w

Facebook Messenger:

pihole -w

Facebook Messenger (Same as above but only if you want to see the domains individually per input):

pihole -w
pihole -w
pihole -w
pihole -w

Note for the above domains
I use Microsoft Edge as my browser so that's why (at least I think) I whitelisted to get it working.

Please feel free to correct me if I did something wrong. New account, and newbie to pihole :slight_smile: I also edited the main wiki post with the same domain under the Facebook section.

To allow searching and downloading Updates for Microsoft Edge Browser this domain is required:

Thank you!

I have some problems to see the Microsoft Store Page.

Only with this Whitelisted Pages I can reach the Microsoft Store:

The whitelist command should be revised. thanks

Google Account Settings (Security, etc) access from Android Device

I had to whitelist this to get access to my Google account settings via smartphone (OnePlus 8T)'s thumbnails break if these are blocked.

pihole -w

Minecraft Realms Plus (paid service) - uploads were being blocked.
Whitelist the following domains to allow saved worlds to be uploaded to the Minecraft/MS servers: