CNAME blocking changed with last update?

Since CNAME inspection blocking was introducted a long time ago, I would have dozens of domains "blocked during CNAME inspection" every day. By simply grepping the logs for "cname inspection" I had many results.

grep -i "cname inspection" pihole.log

Since updating Pihole last week to the newest version, it appears that message now only appears for 1 domain ( It would previously be dozens of domains each day.

Is CNAME blocking borked since the last update ? Or did the message/log format just change ?


Thank you for sharing your observation.

For us to be able reproduce it, it would help if you could share at least some of the domains that are missing now where you were seeing CNAME blocks in your previous logs.

I am having the same issue. I opened a new post with examples. CNAME blocking is no longer working.

Please provide the information I requested in the linked post - we need similar information from you, including your debug token.

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