Cloudflared now in all repositories

Based on this recent change, I think we should update the Cloudflared tutorial to steer users towards installing from the package managers: changes · Issue #719 · cloudflare/cloudflared · GitHub

Also, Cloudflared now supports DynamicUser when running as a service, so there's no need to run as root or configure a separate user. Furthermore, adding a "Wants" directive in the systemd script quiets down some errors when it initiates on boot, while "" has been deprecated for some time now, so we can remove that to simplify the config.

I'm more than happy to take a stab at these updates; I just installed Cloudflared on an Rpi with pihole, and it's working perfectly. Just let me know how best to contribute!

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Pull requests are welcomed.

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When considering to contribute via GitHub, note that clicking the pencil on a doc page will take you to the respective GitHub source:

Thanks! I'll take a stab at it this weekend.