Cloudflared - help needed - DNS for families


New to pihole, installed it on a multipass instance running on my m1 Mac in Unifi network. So far working pretty well. Running pihole v5.18.1

I also set up cloudflared like this:

Also followed this:

Now I am wondering about two things:

  1. where is the config.yml for cloudflared that is usually referenced (I have no config.yml just the and /etc/default/cloudflared file with this # Commandline args for cloudflared, using Cloudflare DNS CLOUDFLARED_OPTS=--port 5053 --upstream --upstream
  2. how to change it from to the cloudflared filtered DNS for families?

Overall a little confused by this:

and how to set it up. Should I use or and where to put it etc.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

I don't see that file referenced in our guide so I don't know where or how it would be used.

Replace with in /etc/default/cloudflared and replace with

Use the bare IP address. The full URL is used for DoH and you are not using that here.

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First of all Thank you so much for your reply!

That’s ok, just see it referenced in other posts and tutorials so was wondering. I like your guide though, very comprehensive and easy to follow!

Perfect, thank you!

This comment I do not fully understand. But will use the bare IP. Can you explain further?

Really appreciate the help.

It's a more technical implementation that isn't needed in this kind of setup. DoH is DNS over HTTP(S) that tries to obfuscate DNS queries by hiding them on port 443 (https://) for a feeling of privacy.

Ok, that makes sense. Thank you so much for your help!

So far everything working well. I have tried pihole in the past and never managed to get a good implementation going but now finally got it up and working and it works pretty well I have to say!

Very nice!

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