Clients IP showing instead client hostname


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Expected Behaviour:

pi-hole shows client hostnames

Actual Behaviour:

pi-hole show clients IPs

Debug Token: wecdmqo9v5

I use the pihole as a DHCP server and all the clients are named and have an IP at the “Static DHCP leases configuration”.
Clients hostname was showing and suddenly I just can see the IP.


I have seen this behavior occasionally. In most cases, a browser refresh clears it. You might also try clearing the browser cache and then reloading the web admin page.

Not directly related to your problem, but a common question:

If you don’t like the client hostnames that are shown (these are the names Pi-Hole gets during the DHCP handshake), you can enter the clients in your /etc/hosts file on the Pi and put a client name there. This is helpful if the client name that Pi-Hole has is not descriptive.

An example might be a printer - the printer tells Pi-Hole that is device “BrotherHL-5370W-wireless”, but you want it to show as “office-printer”.

Edit the /etc/hosts file (sudo nano etc/hosts) and add a new line with the IP for that device and the name you want: office-printer

Save and exit.


Also make sure that /etc/resolv.conf uses localhost for DNS resolution. Otherwise, FTL will not be using itself when looking up client hostnames.