Client-specific (non-admin) access to the web interface


Is there a possibility to access the web interface of the pi-hole (including the query log) without having admin rights? I would like to give the users of our home network the right to access the web interface, but I do not want to run the risk that they mess up the system by making changes. I could think of several ways of achieving this:

(1) The best solution would be to give the users access to the web interface which only allows them to see their own data (i.e. restricted to a given IP or a set of IPs), without having the right of changing any of the settings (no admin rights).
(2) The second best solution would be to give them full access to the user interface, i.e. they can see all users’ activities, but do not have the right to permanently change any of the settings (no admin rights).
(3) As a workaround, it may also suffice, it I could change the settings in the pi-hole (via ssh) such that NOBODY can SAVE any settings by using the web interface. If I want to make administrative changes by using the web interface, I would have to change the access rights via ssh first and set them back afterwards.

Do I have any one of these possibilities? It would be perfect to give the users more access to their data in order to help them clean up their systems and/or adjust their behavior.


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