Client Naming for graphs

Instead of setting up conditional forwarding for people like me who dont have a domain name. Could you allow us to add device names in the clients menu if they have a static IP and then the set name shows on the graphs. This could be good for people who can't setup conditional forwarding or in the rare case it won't work.

That is already possible, and always has been.

By default, Pi-hole tries to associate a known name to a Client IP.
Conditional Forwarding (specifically when it's not acting as DHCP server) is just one way to have Pi-hole acquire more hostname knowledge, just as explicitly defining hostnames in /etc/hosts, /etc/pihole/local.list or -since 5.0- by defining Local DNS records.

mine doesn't seem to do it when i set names. But you are saying i can edit the names manually in /etc/hosts/etc/pihole/local.list?

You could edit /etc/hosts or /etc/pihole/custom.list or, as Bucking_Horn pointed out, use Local DNS Records from the web interface. This will write to custom.list

Map names to clients directly in /etc/hosts using a text editor, or in /etc/pihole/custom.list using the web GUI Local DNS Records tab.

Either will accomplish the same thing.

Closing this FR as it is possible to show hostnames instead of IPs in the web interface.