Client identification: Can't identify devices


I am using the new V5 feature "Client/Groups management". As I am new with Pi-Hole I want to enable it for only dedicated devices, while all other devices remain unfiltered. For that I have disabled in Group Management/Groups the Default group. And this works nicely. No filtering is done except for devices which I specify. Well...

I need to identify dedicated devices and make a group assignment to a group with active filters.
Under "Group management/Clients" I can identify devices by their IP address, or I select them from the drop-down list "Known clients".

Just as observation, in the drop down list all entries have an IP v4 or v6 address, followed by a hostname in brackets. For example:
fd00::20f1:76f6:f80b:55ae (

I can nicely select my devices from the dropdown list with their ULA IPV6 addresses (fd00.....)

When I now use the devices, the filtering works well for my Android tablet.
My iPhone however is not filtered at all.

The query log shows for the Android tablet as "Client":

...which is fine, as the "known client" has been:

fd00::20f1:76f6:f80b:55ae (

Again as observation, the "Client" is here a hostname, not a IP v4/v6 address. But at least for the Android tablet the device is recognized and the filters are active.

For the iPhone I see as "Client" a very different hostname:

Obviously a hostname set by my fritzbox, where my iPhone has the name "v-priv".
I don't know why the iPhone is logged with a name from my fritzbox, while the Android tablet is logged with the hostname and/or IP V6 address.

For the iPhone it looks like the value from the drop down "known devices" is not matching and as consequence no filtering is active.

How can I properly identify devices and define them in the "Group management/Clients" section, in order to assign filter groups?

I tried identifying the iPhone with this name "", but the field in "known clients" only allows IP addresses to be entered...

My system:

Raspi Zero W
Fresh Raspi OS
Fresh V5 Pi-Hole

I am a new user of Pi-Hole and Raspberry :slight_smile: