Clearing Graph keys in Forward Destinations (integrated) of old Dns resolver description keys in v3.3/FTL 3.0

Prior to the update to 3.3 and FTL 3.0, when I flushed the logs, the Forward Destinations graphs would reset and clear any old DNS resolvers that were no longer in the Upstream DNS Servers list.

Since the upgrade, anytime I flush the logs to clear the graphs, even clearing it twice within 2 minutes, the old resolver description keys still remain.

I tried Pihole -r Both repairing and reconfiguring but cannot clear the old resolvers after reboot.

I supposed I can reset the stats like here:

Is there a new method to clear this?

I'm guessing, the resolvers still remain in the new 3.3 /FTL 3.0 version because of the long term data feature of 3.3?


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