Checkbox to add a group under all Group Assignment

Let me elaborate...

  1. I have 23 adlists and 14 domains in my setup.
  2. I have 2 mutually exclusive groups, Default & G1
  3. I need G1 to be excluded from just one domain

As of now the only way to do this is to manually add G1 under group assignment of each adlist & domain. One can imagine how hectic this would if the number of adlists & domains are larger.

A check box next to each group in the Group Management page to add the group to all Group assignments should do. Depending upon the number of adlists/domains which would need manual update user can either check or uncheck the box.

Any particular reason for that? It sounds like both groups share everything except a single domain. You can assign clients to multiple groups and Pi-hole will use the domains and blocklists of all assigned groups.

If it is really just one domain that needs to be whitelisted, you could create a new group, assign just the one domain in question to that group and then assign the relevant clients to both the new group and the default group.

The whitelist of the new group takes precedence over the blacklist of the default group (the whitelist takes precedence over anything in general).

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Actually the domain I want excluded is an regex blacklist. I am a little confused by your suggestion. Let's say I have 10 devices which will be part of the default group (and any other device that might join my network later) . Now I want to add an Echo Dot to the network, however I want the echo dots to skip the regex blacklist.

What I have done is removed the echo dot from the default group and put it in a new group (G1) and added this group under all the adlists & domains except the regex blacklist.

Is there a way to achieve this any other way that would make this feature request moot?

What I meant is that you take the relevant regex or blacklisted domains and copy them to the whitelist so you have two identical entries, one whitelisted and one blacklisted. Then you remove the whitelisted entries from the default group and add them to the G1 group.

The G1 group has only the whitelist entries associated with it, nothing else.
Now your default group will still block these entries, but the G1 group has them whitelisted and is thus allowed to access these domains/regex.

Your Echo Dot needs to be assigned to both the default and the G1 group.
This way the Echo Dot will still be blocked by all the adlists/blacklist because it is still part of the default group. But it also is allowed to access the regex domains because the whitelist of the G1 group is taking precedence over the blacklist of the default group.

I'm not strictly against this feature request, but I just don't see any reason why you would need to assign all the adlists/blacklists/whitelists to a new group at once. The new group only needs to contain domains that you want to block in addition to the default group or whitelist the entries that you want access despite the default blocking.

Basically, use the default group as a base and then create groups that add to (blacklist/adlists) or subtract from (whitelist) the default group.


That makes much more sense now. The fact that a whitelist overrides everything is something I missed. Thanks for clearing that up.

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