Change WLAN to Ethernet (wired)

Hi, I am new to RaspberryPi and Pi-hole,
please forgive in case my questions are noob - this is where I am.

I managed to set up my Pi and installed Pi-Hole. The Pi-config was done headless via Wifi - easy so far
Since all is running well I now want to hardwire my Pi to FritzBox via cable.
Question: How can I achieve that under Webinterface -> Settings -> Pi-hole Ethernet Interface it changes to eth0 instead of wlan0 ?

Could you please recommend any tutorial?

Thanks so much in advance!

Run pihole -r and select the reconfigure option. Then select the desired interface and IP.

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I tried it but getting following message:
Error: Unable to update package cache. Please try "apt-get update"

after apt-get update (and upgrade) I sill get the same error message. Any idea what I can do?
Thanks in advance!

Fixed it: some keys were missing so apt-get update could not run. All is fine now. Thanks

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