Change return adress via dashboard

it would be nice if you can change the return IP from pihole if a site is blocked via dashboard.
site is blocked, pihole return it's own ip adress
sometimes there is a webserver running.

i Have the pi on a remote location, no ip tunnel etc. i get the address back (local ipadress of pihole)
i want to set here the external ipadress so the blocked url is redirected to its external address.

I suppose you know how bad open resolvers are (if you don't read about them, e.g. here). If you configure your firewall to only accept DNS queries from specific origins that might still be fine.

You can change the address that is returned in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf. Run pihole -g afterwards to enable your modified configuration.

Closing as out-of-scope.

The modification can be made on the cli. Pi-hole's default blocking mode is Null now, as most sites use https today and the custom blocking page does not work with them.

The BLOCKINGMODE=IP might be removed one day completely.

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