Change ip adress

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Expected Behaviour:

i want to change the local ip adress, because i changed from eth0 to wlan0

Actual Behaviour:

no idea where to change it

Reconfigure pi hole via command line: pihole -r


You can also change ip address in


You need to edit /etc/dhcpcd.conf also because pihole -r adds an additional eth interface setup to that file. This will be ignored by the system until you remove the old entrys by hand.


THIS ^^^^^

I've had to reconfigure a couple of times and each time it ends up not being able to connect to the internet because it adds a second entry to /etc/dhcpcd.conf with the same adapter name.
Not a big deal if you know to expect it, but reconfigure should probably try to sort that as the average user won't know what question to search.


Hi The_Andylorian, thank you for this! I wondered why my changes were not working. Removing old entries worked.

The reason we don't remove existing configuration blocks is because we don't know if the configuration block was set by Pi-hole or by the user. Removing it has the real possibility of breaking even more things.

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