Change background image of the web interface

The background image of the web interface (pi-hole/AdminLTE/img) looks a bit "amateurish" and is not appropriate for the excellent program and the nicely designed interface. I suggest to replace this image. Under you can find a proposal of mine. The picture has the same brightness as the original and should fit well into the design. This image can be used under any license in the program.

Can you explain more how the background appears amateurish?

Hi Dan,

I did not want to appear offensive. I like pi-hole in and also the design of the web gui very much. I just think the bg image just does not really fit. The original background image is "rather restless". This is mainly due to the relatively few and unevenly scattered dots (salt & pepper pattern). A more even pattern would be less distracting and create a "higher quality" impression. Please compare to the attached screenshot showing my current setup. Of course other images would also be fine, as long as they generate a a "calm" atmosphere.

You can't argue about taste - but you can discuss it :-).

With best regards,

I agree, seeing the more "calm" background appears more elegant too me.
BUT in dark mode I prefer the "restless" as it reminds me to an night sky - which is perfekt for Pihole as the black hole of internet advertisement :slight_smile:

(might be hard to see on the screenshot)

I like the current background a lot more than the one proposed by @thomas_do In fact, I think the proposed one looks more "amateurish" than the current one, it looks like one of the backgrounds from the very first webpages back in 1995.

Oh, this comes as a surprise to me now. As someone who deals with (web) design, I would not have thought to relate my proposal with an "ancient" type of website. I didn't want to disparage anyone's beloved design, I just thought that there was an obvious possibility to improve the background image.

Nothing wrong with that, I just don't see this proposal as an improvement. Others agree but remember this is all still personal opinion only :slight_smile:

Sure, but I did not want to start a "bikeshedding" discussion. If my suggestion to change the background is not in gerneral seen as an improvement, the pi-hole web gui should just stay as it is. There are definitely more improtant areas to work on.

Design choices are always liked by some and rejected by others. I'm not sure if you reach an overall consensus here. Most users won't even notice the difference and even less will report their feelings about it (no matter if liked or not).
If you think it should be changed, best way (and highest chances for implementation) is to open a PR on Github. As you only exchange a single file it should be straight forward. This way you omit the voting and waiting for a dev (maybe not even in favor of changing it) to do the work for you.

You are right, Github might be the place to go. But actually, this change is not that important to me and, as you wrote, probably others. My suggestion was just thought as a tiny improvement of the design.
So, I leave it at that.