Can't remeber how to configure a device to acces pihole

I am driving myself crazy... my old laptop died and I am trying to configure my new windows 11 laptop to access my pi-hole unbound (using duck dns).

I must be missing something... everything i read talks about how to set it up but when I get to the end it just omits the part about setting up a individual device. My router does not have a option to configure there so I have to do each device individually, unfortunately i have forgot how to configure my laptop to route its data for the browsers through my pi-hole unbound service.

My set up is as follows, pi-hole unbound set up on my raspberry pi as a docker container using duck dns.

How do I configure my laptop setting to route my browsing traffic through my pihole/unbound containers?

Are you asking how to set the DNS server for a Windows 11 computer? (Try searching for that term to get a wealth of sites on that exact subject.)

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