Can't access `tools/network` screen

Any time I try to go there, I get/see this:

I created a debug thing/file.

This is it:
(Moderator edit: Replaced debug log by token)

We would require only the debug token as shown at the end of the process when you allow uploading.

That way, access to the log would be restricted to a select few withing Pi-hole's trusted users, so your potentially sensitive data stays out of public view.

I'd recommend you edit your post accordingly.


Interesting thing I have seen in that:

Why/how does PiHole have an IPv6 address?

AFAIK I have IPv6 disabled.

I just looked in my router's settings and IPv6 is disabled.

Gee, I hope there isn't anything in there that is that sensitive.

But thanks. (Though a bit late now I've posted it)

Pi-hole does not, but the Pi does. The debugger is finding that IPv6 address, but Pi-hole is not configured to use that IPv6 address.

Apologies. I just got a bit caught up in the information.

It is weird, because the main router has it's IPv6 disabled.... So weird how is making IPv6 addresses on the local side of the network.

(Doesn't matter... I get distracted some times.)