Can't Access Sling TV Member Account

I can access Sling TV; however, I am not redirected to the Sling Member Account when I sign in. The Sign In button turns to Loading and times-out after 25 to 35 seconds. No errors are generated. I Whitelist a few sites but this seemed to generate more Blacklist sites and, I still wasn’t able to access the Sling Account.

I sign-up for the account on April 27, 2019 and haven’t made any changes to the network or Pi-Hole. I can’t access the Sling Account with the computers or iPhone using my network; however, I can access the account when Wi-Fi is turned off and the data plan is used on the iPhone. I can also access the Sling TV Account from the computers and iPhone when the router is used as the DNS server.

Are there specific sites that must be Whitelist to access the Sling TV Account?

Debug Token:


You can always check the Query Log on the dashboard for all blocked (red) domains that are in timely proximity to your login attempts. A possibility is to whitelist them one by one and see if that helps. You can also do the contrary: whitelist them all and then remove domains as long as the login still works.

Yes, because of the number of domains being blocked, I’d hope someone else had experienced their Sling Member Account being blocked and knew the specific domains required to unblock it.

If anyone has experienced this and know the specific domains required to unblock the Sling Member Account, can you share them?

This seems to be a VPN problem rather than Pi-Hole related. I can connected to the Sling Member Account seldom when I connect to a different NordVPN server.

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