Cannot whitelist a url

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Expected Behaviour:

I want to whitelist a domain, I hadd the url:, which appear in a list I have, but pihole still block the domain.

The browser show: but if u put the mouse over, whill show u

Actual Behaviour:

I cannot whitelist the domain I mention.


It seems to be something you don’t want to whitelist.

Check /etc/pihole/white.list or /etc/pihole/whitelist.txt for the contents and make sure it is there. Also check if the domain is showing the the admin page logs as not blocked. If the domain is there and not being blocked then you need to find the domain being blocked.

From your description it looks like the domain may be blocked since that is where the browser will go first to get the redirect.

But as msatter finds, I don’t think this is the domain you want.

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