Cannot resolve host after uninstalling

So I had a solid split tunneled VPN setup running fine via this method:

Then successfully configured transmission to work through it.

I got greedy and after successfully running it for 2 weeks, I installed then uninstalled pi-hole.

After uninstalling pi-hole everything went to crap. I reverted the actual router settings to automatically use DNS from the ISP. However, the Pi can’t resolve DNS. I’ve tried changing the resolv.conf to both what the guide originally had ( as well as my router IP.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose what is going on?

The package dhcpcd5 gets installed, if not installed already, to configure IP settings for the interfaces and update /etc/resolv.conf:

pi@noads:~ $ tail /etc/dhcpcd.conf
interface eth0
  static ip_address=
  static routers=
  static domain_name_servers=

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