Cannot get Pi-Hole to work


recentyl ( a week ago) tried te upgrade to FTL, it takes me 5 days for i get it looks like a working vesion. Several erros, and could not find githup.

And after it looks like an succesful install the FTL is not working and then you can’t repair cause no DNS (chicken egg problem). Now i have an inallation working and it looks like its working , Tested my own DNS severs, tested build in goolge opendns but nothing is working. The screen tels me there is blocking and shows my dnsservers or the build-in DNS servers. but is see only one client should be none or my own DNS servers from Active directory. That was working perfect in the old Pihole one whitout FTL.
So its not tested enough the install process goes wrong, BTW also with permissions. And it looks like its working but its not., and several others giving ads, and they are not showing up in the logfiles.
So after a week testing, at least 60 hours i.m fed up with Pihole, my time is also valubel, go to try to go back to and old PiHole if possible, otherwise Opera and other adblocking sw.


Better to install Pi-Hole on router or switch/ RAM usage on Pi Zero

If you would like, upload a debug log, paste the token and we’ll take a look at it.



Looking at your debug token, the last entry in your file /etc/pihole/blacklist.txt is “” , which means you have blocked this domain. This is why Pi-Hole cannot reach the site.

Your Pi-Hole is configured to use OPEN DNS as it’s upstream DNS servers, with no reference to any internal servers. So, any internal DNS servers must be referenced somewhere else in your network configuration to be found.

You appear to be using your router as DHCP server, and conditional forwarding is OFF on the Pi-Hole. With this configuration, it is likely that you see all your network DNS traffic as originating from the router, not from individual clients. Please post a screen snap of what you are seeing.

This section of the debug log indicates your Pi-Hole is correctly blocking a domain found on one of your block lists. If clients are seeing ads, you likely have a configuration problem elsewhere in your network or at the client.

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv4) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✓] []( is via localhost (
[✓] []( is via Pi-hole (


I’m very sorry. Completly my fault. Waisted your time but also a lot of my time.

By reinstalling PiHole i forgot one important thing , very important. I changed the IP adress of the raspberry pihole so changing my intenet forwarding tot he Pihole one’s solves my problem.

By reading your answer i find the solution, My internet must be forwarded through PiHole. Now its working. PiHole is now also showing its hostname in the webinterface, as it should with A records.

BTW my router is basicly only my gateway and nothing more.

And now import a 24 MB .txt commercial blacklist with 1.5 mlj domains. Tested before on pihole 3.5 J



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