Cannot get custom DNS to unbound to stick in setupvars.conf


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Expected Behaviour:

If I set the custom DNS address 1 as it should stick, but it is not.

Actual Behaviour:

After I make the change in setupvars.conf, and then run pihole -r, DNS 1 reverts to

Debug Token:


I installed unbound and am trying to use it as a recursive DNS resolver. I had difficulty (as noted on other posts and pages) assigning Custom 1 (IPv4) in the admin web page for this PiHole. I made the change in “setupVars.conf” to the following:


When I restart PiHole (pihole -r), this reverts to in the setupVars.conf file. The PiHole continues to operate, but it’s not clear that it’s using the unbound resolver.

In the admin console, when I tail the pihole.log, I see that DNS requests are being routed to

What am I missing here? From the command line tests I have run, it seems that unbound is working properly, but PiHole is not routing it’s DNS requests to unbound via the address.

Thanks in advance.

i’m new to PiHole and haven’t programmed in about 30 years, so be gentle with me.


Are you running FTLDS?


I am not. I did a standard install of PiHole from the bash script. Then I separately installed unbound.


Pi-hole Version v3.3.1 Web Interface Version v3.3 FTL Version v3.0


Only the beta version of FTLDNS works with custom DNS ports.

The version you are on doesn’t.

If you want to try the beta version of FTLDNS, use these instructions:

Also use this guid to properly pair unbound and Pi-hole FTLDNS:

Static IP being ignored - due to changed raspi-config stable interface

Thanks. I’ll install that.


That was an easy install. FTLDNS is up and running and the DNS traffic is properly routing to unbound. Thanks for the help. Problem solved.


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