Can’t watch videos on

Expected Behavior:

I used to be able to watch videos on Videos should be displaying

Actual Behaviour:

Videos on are on infinite loading screen. I have used whitelist assistant on google chrome, and I can’t find the right address to whitelist to get videos to play on gamespot.

Already checked the Pi-hole query log for blocked (red) domains?


Yes I did, and that wouldn’t work. I tried using the tips in that article @jfb referenced. I haven’t used the pihole -t command yet, but everything else on that list I did try the other stuff though, and still nothing! Using WhiteList assistant in Chrome I literally whitelisted everything one by one, and still couldn’t get it to work.

I added a bunch of block lists from

Specifically the hblock ones and the block list below the hblock one, and that’s when things broke on that site.

In this case, I would remove those blocklists. They are blocking some element needed to watch the videos.

Guys, I found it! GameSpot videos rely on this

Also it would appear that my ad block Ghostery was breaking websites. I have been using Ghostery for over 3 years and just didn’t realize how aggressive it was. Switched to AdGuard and everything works.

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