Can I set a different DNS server for a group of clients?

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I just upgraded to Pihole 5 today, and all went well. This may be a feature request, but I wanted to put it out there if I’m missing. I’ve already explored the Groups feature of Pi-hole 5, but is it possible to set a specific DNS server based on that group? For instance, most of my network will use OpenDNS, however, I have a daughter that is going to be getting a Kindle Fire Kids edition shortly. I want to be able to use the OpenDNS Family Shield to control what she can get to. I know I can set up a bypass conf file so it goes straight to that DNS server, but it would bypass the Pi-hole and all it’s benefits as well. I’ve also set up my firewall so only the router and my pi-hole server can go out via DNS to the OpenDNS IPs, so I don’t want to have to maintain that firewall rule as well as her devices grow.

No, it is not. Upstream DNS server assignments are global to all groups and clients, and are not selectable by group.

Your best option is to set up a second Pi-hole, assign the upstream DNS server that is appropriate for the intended audience, and assign the intended devices to that Pi-hole.

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Here is the feature request