'calc_cpu_usage() failed' in FTL.log

After running pi-hole for some time, I observe the following warning every second in FTL.log:

calc_cpu_usage() failed: No error information

The entire log down to the bottom is flooded with this message.

I am running DietPi v8.24.1 (latest) on a NanoPi Neo, but do not have any issues on the dashboard. Even the CPU utilisation display works as expeted.

There's only pi-hole v6 running there, nothing else.

My current versions are

dietpi@DietPi:~$ pihole -v
Pi-hole version is development-v6 v5.17.1-221-g2338c9e9 (Latest: v5.17.2)
web version is development-v6 v5.19-546-g4ed958db (Latest: v5.21)
FTL version is development-v6 vDev-0198329 (Latest: v5.23)


Sorry for the long delay. The proposed bugfix is:

Details therein.

Thanks a lot. I switched over to the tweak/cpu_usage branch for testing...

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Please switch back to development-v6, this branch has been merged.

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