Bypass Pihole on Specific Browser


My pihole is working great, but occasionally I come across a site that doesn’t work properly, and whitelisting doesn’t seem to help. So I would like to set up a separate browser to bypass pihole altogether, so that when a specific site gets blocked it can be accessed through the alternate browser.

Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do this?


Use one of the browsers that offers an option to set the DNS for the browser. I believe both Firefox and Chrome can do this. Traffic from that browser will go the specified DNS server, the rest of your traffic will go to the network DNS server, which is your Pi-Hole.


Where can I specify this in Chrome? Google searches make it seem like this is only possible with a third party extension.


I would start with chrome://about in the URL window.


I never was able to find it on Chrome, IE, or Edge, but I did install the Comodo Dragon browser, and it automatically took care of it for me on set up which was pretty cool. Now all traffic initiated from Comodo routes through their secure DNS, while Chrome, Firefox, et al. will still go through the Pihole.


These tools may be of help to you for determining what needs to be whitelisted:

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