Broken network after a few hours

The issue I am facing:
My router doesn't let me chose a DNS server, so I've chosen the DHCP server solution. I've disabled DHCP on my router and set to static IPs for my raspberry ( and my TV box ( My router is on

Everything works well at start but after a few hours (~10h I'd say), all my devices are disconnected from the network, I can't ping the raspberry anymore. The fix I found is to re-enable/disable my router DHCP server and the issue is solved for the next 10h, then it happens again.

Details about my system:

  • Raspberry 3
  • Current Pi-hole version is v5.0.
  • Current AdminLTE version is v5.0.
  • Current FTL version is v5.0.
  • Router is a French Livebox 4

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:

  • Added a 99-pihole-decodeurTV.conf file into /etc/dnsmasq.d/
    With this inside:
  • Enabled PiHole DHCP server on range
  • Changed lease time to 168 hours

pihole -d ->

Thank you again for this great tool,