Broken lighttpd?


I have installed pi-hole on my pi (Pi-hole: black hole for Internet advertisements).
On the same pi I am running piaware and that had it’s own web pace at port 80, using lighttpd.
The pi-hole works, but the issue is that the installer tried to install the admin webpage. That’s great, I was expecting to be able to reconfigure during install the port number, it to avoid breaking my piaware webpage, but it didn’t.
So now on the I see the start pi-hole webpage (not even the configured one). The /Admin goes to the piaware admin page.
I have re-installed the pi-hole without web page… not solved the problem.

Any ideas how can I change the port for the pi-hole webpage without reinstalling everything?


Move piaware to a different port. Due to how Pi-hole works (redirects to its own IP when blocking), it is best to keep Pi-hole on port 80.


I wish it was possible to move this around. Oh well, start digging…


Upcoming with FTLDNS, you can use different blocking modes such as NXDOMAIN and NULL which do not require the web server to be on port 80.


That would be cool!


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