Book bundles for reference and study

If you're looking for good reference and study books, take a look at Humble Bundle. I've used them for years and thought it worth mentioning here in case anyone else might be interested. For example someone starting out with Linux and looking for some good reference books to get stuck into.

Humble Bundle – Books

They do bundles of books covering Linux, Windows, sysadmin, cloud, scripting, programming, project management, security, Docker and so on. And you can choose how much to pay and support selected charities too. The books are DRM-free and fully downloadable as PDFs and EPUB files.

At the moment they've got a 21 book Linux bundle, a 15 book Cloud Infrastructure O'Reilly bundle, and 19 book programming bundle. These bundles by different publishers come and go, with different books each time, so always good to see what comes up.

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Community Guidelines:

I'm aware of the Community Guidelines and considered them before creating the post. I posted it with the view that it may help people who are starting out with things like Linux, coding, Docker, cloud, etc, all subjects relevant to Pi-hole and which crop up in various posts. I don't believe it's spam. and it is respectful of the forum.

  • It's posted in Off topic
  • It's not an affiliate link. just a link to the current book bundles
  • I'm not part of Humble Bundle, just a customer for many years
  • It's not trying to sell anything, simply make people aware of a source of quality reference and study material
  • It's relevant to Pi-hole admin and those looking to learn more

If the mods advise it should not be posted then I will delete it, no drama.