Blocking works, missing queries in log

Pi-hole Version vDev (release/v5.0, v4.3.5-493-gdf13b9c) Web Interface Version vDev (release/v5.0, v4.3.2-498-ge620211) FTL Version vDev (release/v5.0, vDev-a4b26c3

Problem with Beta 5.0:
Pi-hole seems to be running well, all clients connect to Internet properly, even my work laptop with its VPN. Blocking with adlists works properly (tested with Test your ad blocker (in a few simple steps) -, so do black and white lists. The issue is in the query log, anything blocked by the adlists does not appear as blocked, it appears as forwarded (in green); everything else appears properly, even urls blocked by black listed entries. The only blocked entries that show in the log are those on the black list (which I have none, I entered a few to test), so my my stats show 0% blocked.
This worked fine prior to my upgrade to 5.0, the last blocked (red) entry is at 02:02 on April 28, about the time I upgraded to 5.0

Debug Token:

Looking at your debug log, there is one issue. Let me summarize what I saw:

  • You have two groups "Unassociated (0)" and "Default (1)"
  • You configured all adlists to be member of 1.
  • You configured no clients.

What should be happening now is that:

  • Any client will only use domains and adlists associated with group "Unassociated" (this what they do automatically)
  • Hence, no client should block anything from the adlists
  • This is in agreement with that you see all green and 0% blocked
  • This is furthermore in agreement with that your tests with blacklisted domains were successful (assuming you left them with the default group association which is group "Unassociated").
  • This is in disagreement with your adblock test results.

Concerning the last point, I can only assume that there is another lever of adblocking on your devices. Maybe a browser plugin?

Thank you, that was the issue - never thought to look at that.

I am still puzzled by the last point, even with Pi-hole disabled, the blocking continues and I have no idea how it happens.

Thanks again.