Blocking runative doesn't work cannot be blocked by Pi-hole. Has anybody experience on how to block it?

Why do you think it cannot be blocked? How does the Query Log look like when you block and then visit this page?

For instance going to you will find ads that say “runative” in the corner. I have the following blacklisted:

  • (^|.)$
    together with many other filters. Nevertheless I see this in the taillog:
Jan 18 14:20:00 dnsmasq[544]: reply is
Jan 18 14:20:00 dnsmasq[544]: query[A] from
Jan 18 14:20:00 dnsmasq[544]: /etc/pihole/black.list is
Jan 18 14:20:00 dnsmasq[544]: query[AAAA] from
Jan 18 14:20:00 dnsmasq[544]: /etc/pihole/black.list is

And the ads on the website.
To me it looks like the script in the body calling a runative script is called and loads the ads

Your log shows you are blocking DNS requests for I took a look at that page and the ad for me was actually coming from I tried it in a different browser and the ad came from There’s nothing to stop a script on a page from trying to contact some large list of domains or even IP addresses directly, trying each until it works. If the script worked this way, you couldn’t use DNS to block the requests unless you added every domain in the list and they weren’t using IP addresses directly.

To block the ads on that particular site I had to set up a rule in uBlock Origin to block requests to That prevents the iframe from loading. Note that I was also using that with rules that were already blocking requests to and such.

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