Blocking adult and malware domains when using unbound


One of the more useful features of some upstream dns providers with pi-hole is filtering of known malware domains and adult sites. With ubound and bypassing these upstream servers it would be nice to add this functionality into pi-hole by supplementing the blacklist with additional categories of domains beyond ad servers, such as “malevolent”, and “adult”.


You’re not limited with the lists you can add to Pi-hole, and as such, if you want to block “malevolent” and “adult” content, then you are free to do so. The lists provided on a default install are just a suggestion, something which will be further clarified with the release of 4.0 (users will have the option to toggle which lists are enabled by default).

We’re trying to distance ourselves from the notion of suggesting what should and should not be blocked, instead, we provide the tools to put the user in control of that.


thanks for the quick response.

I found some additional lists and the instructions for adding them (duh). I had overlooked this previously and was just using an upstream dns server for the functionality.

when you say “users will have the option to toggle” are you meaning each client machine or the pi-hole administrator ?


The Pi-hole administrator. Kinda defeats the point otherwise!