Blocked queries are not recognized and counted as blocked

Expected Behaviour:

When a query is blocked, I expect it to show as blocked both in the dashboard and the query-log in the web-gui.
Using dig I can see that the query is blocked (I get in return. I can also verify that the address I’m trying is blocked by using pihole -q.

Actual Behaviour:

When a query is blocked, it shows up as “OK (Cached)” in the web-gui
query-log, and it is not counted as blocked.

Everything works as expected, except for statistics. My blocked queries are not counted as blocked.

I’m also not hiding any logs. I’ve set privacy-level to “Show everything and record everything”.

Debug Token:

So, it seems some blocked queries are counted as blocked queries. About 1% of all my queries are counted as blocked. However, the actual amount of blocked queries is much higher.

Here’s some screenshots to show the problem in action:
Here I try to query the domain, and as you can see it is blocked: screenshot
And here is the corresponding log-line in the querylog in the UI: screenshot

I have no idea why only some queries are counted.

Has no-one else encoutered this? :confused:

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