Blocked Popup Login Window

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Hi to all,
I try to find a solution in your forum but nothing help me to solve the problem.

Expected Behaviour:

I want to see the login window on

Actual Behaviour:

When I navigate in site, and click on Login (in top of page) if I have pi-hole enabled, the login page doesn’t show. If I temporary disable pi-hole, all works fine.

Please help me.

It appears that this domain is being blocked by Pi-Hole. There are a few places to look to see if and why it is being blocked.

  1. Look in the query log on the web admin GUI.

  2. Look for the query in the pihole log. Run this command from the Pi terminal: sudo grep /var/log/pihole.log

  3. Check to see which of your blocklists is blocking this domain. Run this command from the Pi terminal: pihole -q -adlist -exact

Hi jfb, nice to meet you and thanks for your help.
This is the commands response:

The domain is not blocked by Pi-Hole. There must be some other element of that website that is being blocked. Use the tools in this FAQ to determine what is being blocked:

Edit - when I load that page (in the US), the following domains are requested:

I have added these domains to the whitelist and now all works fine!
Thank you so much for your help!

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