Block remote access to admin interface?

Hey everyone,

I have a Pi lying around and I'm considering to use Pi Hole to block adult content (and ads ofc) on my home network for the family and tbh for myself as well (yes, I know that technology isn't a replacement for self-restraint but having some extra barriers in place helps).

With that in mind, I was wondering if there was an option to disable remote access to the admin interface of Pi Hole, so that I only would be able to access it by plugging a keyboard and monitor into the Pi (instead of having the disable feature at my fingertips at all time)

Couldn't find info on this anywhere, so I hope this is the right place for a beginner question.

When you install Pi-hole there is an option to install or not install the web admin interface. If you say no to that, and you also disable SSH once done, you will need to plug in a keyboard and HDMI display/TV to access the terminal.

Another option is to install the web admin interface, and then turn it off and disable it with the commands:

sudo systemctl stop lighttpd.service
sudo systemctl disable lighttpd.service

That would allow you to turn it back on if you want to do some admin

sudo systemctl start lighttpd.service

Once again you can disable SSH and then you'll need to plug a keyboard and display in to make changes.

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