Block or minimize hulu and youtube ads with wildcards?

Pihole is awesome. I'm using it for ad blocking and a highly effective network monitor. If only it could block those pesky hulu and youbute ads! I have searched and understand this topic has been previously covered, but wondering if the new wildcard blacklist feature can be used to eliminate or at least minimize ads for hulu and youtube?

It can't because some of the same domains that are used for ads are used for displaying videos. For now you can use something like uBlock Origin to block these ads.

I understand that "all" the ads cannot be blocked due to using the same domains for content. However, do we know that "all" the ads are embedded in the content? If not, perhaps we could minimize the ad experience by blocking the ad domains outside the content domain.

They released an Blacklist chart here for the Youtube Part of your question check it out it works fine for me

Have fun blocking ads ! :muscle:

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I'm having good results with the following RegEx blacklist, eliminating the need to identify each add before adding the to the blacklist: