Block online services

Is it possible to have an extra option in Pi-hole to block online services like facebook, X, instagram, Tik-Tok, Netflix, Disney plus, Youtube etc, with one click on a button?
Or have something more parental control in a dashboard?

I have seen this on Adguard Home, but I do like Pi-hole more :grinning:

No. Pi-hole itself is not maintaining any adlists - you need to include the desired lists yourself. And it's not a parental control software - there are other/better suited options out there.

Sore more background on this: Real parental control software needs to be installed on the client itself and limit what the client can do. It is basically spying and manipulating directly on the client. A DNS server such as Pi-hole simply cannot do this as it could rather easily be circumvented by the clients.

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