BLOCK NetFlix but only IPv6, i.e. AAAA records

Might be out of scope, but I really think pi-hole could solve the problem.
Im using an IPv6 tunnel thru HE. This result in two things:
1: Im accessing NetFlix thru IPv6 (yey!)
2: Netflix does GeoIP and think Im in the US but Im located in Sweden and thus Netflix refuse the connection (damn).

So, is there any way I can get pi-hole to refuse answering netflix with AAAA record but allow A records?!

oho… and thanks for a great product!!


Have you tried only using IPv4 upstream DNS servers in Pi-hole?

Hmm…no… but then I will loose all other IPv6 lookup? Or Im not sure I follow?

You can look up IPv6 addresses through IPv4 connections.

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