Block levels

I have checked, but couldn't see a similar one. Apologies if it exists.

I'm not 100% sure what to call my feature request. I think maybe "Block Level". You could have:

Block Level 1
This blocks malware and other nasty stuff, but doesn't block trackers and shopping links

Block Level 2
This blocks the same as level 1, but also includes all tracking links eg social media, but doesn't interfere with google adsense and similar shopping links

Block Level 3
The default. Blocks everything on the lists that are downloaded.

The rationale:
I've been using Pi-Hole for 18 months or so and it's great (yes, I have donated). But occasionally it gets in the way. You search for something on Google and a shopping link is returned. You click on it, but you can't get there because Pi-Hole has blocked it. There is the disable option, but using that, even for a minute is a potential risk to other users on your network that might happen to click on a dodgy site whilst you have it disabled.

Now I (and therefore, I assume others) don't particulary care if Google serves me an advert to a store in my search results - afterall, the store has paid and this is how Google makes their money. Sure, they might track that I have visited it and serve me ads later on Facebook and I don't want that, but I don't care that they serve me the ad. In fact, sometimes, it might be the only source of a product.

I do care that adverts then follow me around the internet from then on.

I'm sure if I put the effort in, I could just unblock Google Adsense and it would probably all be fine. But I just figured that there could be radio button in settings somewhere that gave a choice about either the level of block, or the type of block.

Another way might be:

  1. Block everything
  2. Allow socia media tracking and ecommerce adverts
  3. Just allow ecommerce adverts

Anyway, just a thought.

If appropriate, please move in to the feature request section as that is the only reason I signed up to post this idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,


Which is exactly why you set up a Pi-hole. If you scroll down a bit in the search results you get the same link without the ad wrapper.

Most people do care, that's why they use Pi-hole.

No, it's really not. You're how they make money. (The royal "you").

Then do that.

And the reason why you can't post in the Feature Requests is that we ask people to be members of the community here and be involved in order to be able to post requests. You need to spend the time looking through the existing requests and posts and discussions to see if your idea has already been discussed and considered.

This is why there is a restriction on posting there.

Well then, what about having the lists sorted so that they make sense.

A google list (or a search engine list)
A shopping list
A social media list

So that you can turn lists off and easily rather than disable it completely?

This is already possible but requires manual work. You need to re-sort domains that are on your adlists right now into new adlists for specific purposes. Like Google list, shopping list etc and you can switch on theses lists individually.

It would also work the other way around, if you whitelist domains and put those in specific groups which you can enable as you like.

Best would be to get yourself familiar with the group management.

Pihole can't provide what you wish for - first it does not maintain adlists and second how should we know which shopping domains are relevant for you which are likely different to shopping domains for me.

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