Block a social media domain?

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Hello everyone,

Expected Behaviour:

I set up piHole, DNS server is working, I think.
I was looking to block a social media, for example twitter, so I 5-6 times went to the twitter web site and looked for the domain in the query list and blocked it.

Actual Behaviour:

I can't block the website, it keeps coming up.

Debug Token:


Thanks for helping.

Edit: I noticed that it works on Windows and iOS, but not on my Android smartphone...

If install/start the “Terminal Emulator” app on the Android phone, what does below show ?

getprop net.dns1

getprop net.dns2

getprop net.dns3

And what does below show on the Windows client in the DHCP and DNS section:

ipconfig /all

Hello, thanks for your reply.

getprop net.dns1 and getprop net.dns2 return the default IPv6 DNS servers set by the ISP, which CAN'T be changed on my router.
getprop net. dns3 returns raspberry pi's address.

So my smartphone still uses the default DNS servers right? And how can I change this?

On the windows client with the ipconfig/all command DHCP is turned off and DNS has Pi's address, which is working.

If there is no way to push only a single DNS server (the Pi-hole address) via the routers DHCP service to the clients, you could consider letting Pi-hole do DHCP for your network instead of the router:

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