Blacklisting ai

so i props dont know what im on about but what if someone made a ai program like in python that would blacklist and then test the sites that use that domain or that may be related and if it finds any errors it will unblacklist it but if it helps with say a ad on youtube it could find a work around and then add the domain to a blacklist on github
idk it was a idea thanks for reading

YouTube serves ads from the same domain as the content. It's actually possible, if your luck aligns badly, for the video that you want to watch and the ad you want to block to both be coming from the exact same domain name (the only reason why they don't always come from the same domain is load balancing). It's not a matter of discovering the domains that you need to block; there just isn't any domain name block list that would work for YouTube.

To block YouTube ads, you need to actually patch the client. That means you need a browser-based ad blocker, or a custom player app, and not something like pi-hole.


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