Blacklist blank after PI 3B+ crash, Dashboard shows Blocklist correctly

Expected Behaviour:

Blacklist should show the dozen or so Blacklists that I use. Dashboard shows 3,207,678 Domains on Blocklist

Actual Behaviour:

Blacklist is empty after several reboots.

Debug Token:

[✓] Your debug token is:!

This is a headless install.

PI3B+ crashed while trying to load the browser through VNC which was pointed at The Pi completely locked up. Both ssh and vnc were unable to interact with the Pi sessions in progress.

  1. Powered down the Pi and powered it back up.

  2. Now able to ssh and VNC into the PI all looks normal.

  3. Now able to access the Pi-Hole web interface.

  4. The Whitelist is fully populated with the 9 web sites I use.

  5. The Blacklist is empty but the dashboard has the correct number of blocked sites…3,207,678. Refreshing the browser does not change either page.

  6. From the Pi-Hole web interface I have rebooted three times and reconnected each time with the exact same symptoms in steps 4 & 5 above.

Two additional questions please?


  1. Is the 3B+ capable of running the Chromium browser, included in Raspbian, and accessing the internet while running Pi-Hole?

  2. The Pi-Hole Dashboard shows “blOcklist” should it be “blAcklist” or vice versa?

Thanks, CraigM

Blacklist domains are the domains you manually entered to add to the blocklists.

Blocklists are the sources lists of domains that you add to the Pi-hole.

Monday Update:

  1. The Pi-Hole is operating correctly blocking sites.

  2. The Pi-Hole Blacklist page remains blank.

  3. The Pi-Hole Dashboard still indicates it is still blocking the correct number of sites.

  4. A side thought. I have seen the Blacklist page be blank before after I used the Teleporter Import function. At that time I thought I had messed up the Teleporter Export function and I manually reentered all the Blacklists that I use. I did not wait to test if the Blocklist was functioning.

    Perhaps the Teleporter needs to somehow refresh the Blacklist Page after an import?

  5. The refresh button on the Blacklist page does not seem to do anything. I have pressed it a dozen times without any change. Not even a blink like most web pages do when refreshing.

Thanks for all your help, CraigM

Blacklist will be empty unless you manually entered domains to be blocked individually on that page.

Blocklists (note the spelling) are the lists that are entered by URL to source.

What is the contents of /etc/pihole/black.list /etc/pihole/blacklist.txt and /etc/pihole/regex.list ? Those are the files that make up the blacklists.

Thanks for your input about blacklists.

Prior to the crash I had twenty two blacklists entered. They disappeared from the Blacklist page after the Pi locked up while trying to load the Chrome browser that is included in the Raspbian Stretch distribution.

The Blacklists no longer appear on the Blacklists page but are still active on the Dashboard…“3, 207,687 Domains on Blocklist”.

I am concerned that the next time the blacklists are updated either:

  1. They will not be updated or
  2. The blocklists will disappear completely and sites will not be blocked at all.

I have reentered the Blocklists several times in the past and it is a lot of work. I have used the Teleporter Import option, restoring a past Export, with the same blank Blacklist page.

As a casual observer it appears to me to be a problem with the Blacklist page but I could be wrong and I am doing something wrong.

Thanks for your input, CraigM

Where we are not connecting is the terminology. You say that the dashboard has 3 million domains on the blocklist. Those are from the URLs that are entered. The blacklist page is something entirely different and does not show on the dashboard. Those are actual domain names, not URLs, that you specifically are adding to block.

Thanks for your patience.

I have attached my Whitelist. You will see ten web sites on that page.

Looking in /etc/pihole, I have through This image shows part of that directory.

The listing goes on to

Those blocklists used to be shown on the Blacklists page before the crash. Now the blacklist page is empty.

It is that blank Blacklist that bothers me. Shouldn’t it appear the same and show the Blocklists (1 - 25) as it did before the crash?

Will those Blocklists in /etc/pihole from ( be updated when the system updates the blocklists? This is the Blocklist page from within the Settings/Blocklists tab on my Pi-Hole.

Again, THANKS for your patience and guidance. CraigM

This is part of the web sites included in one of the blocklists that are shown on the Settings/Blocklists tab and is also in the \etc\pihole directory.

As you can see it is just a text file with the blocked sites urls. So I understand why these websites do not appear on the Blacklist page.

I am still hung up on why these etc. no longer appear on the Blacklist page after the Pi 3B+ locked up while attempting to load the Chrome browser (Stretch Version).

If you say that this is the correct behavior and that the system will update properly I will be grateful and let it go. It just seems like an odd behavior that will confuse people like me and cause all of us needless work reentering the Blocklists into the Blacklist page.

It is just an unexpected and confusing behavior to me.


Blacklists are not blocklists and blocklists are not blacklists. They are two separate things. list.1 is a blocklist, not a blacklist. is a blacklist, not a blocklist.

This is not correct. Those lists shows up on the “block lists” page, which is completely separate from the “black lists”.

The list of blocklists to which you subscribe (the 25 you noted) is in /etc/pihole/adlists.list.

Your local blacklists are stored in /etc/pihole/blacklists.txt

The “domains on blocklist” that you see on your dashboard is the sum of the domains in your gravity list minus the local whitelist entries. If your gravity list (/etc/pihole/gravity.list) is empty, then you can rebuild it with the following command. Pi-Hole will go to each of the URL’s in your /etc/pihole/adlists.list file and gather all the domains, remove duplicates and remove locally whitelisted items.

pihole -g -f


You are correct, Thank You.

I finally get it!

Dan & jfb THANK YOU both for your patience. I now understand.

Please consider this topic closed.

I am very grateful for your help, my misunderstanding of the system was crippling my learning process. I was working very hard at confusing myself.

Thank You, CraigM

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