Black-/whitelisting does not work on V5 API

Expected Behaviour:

On Pi-hole V4, it was possible to interact with the black- and whitelists using requests like:


This returned a JSON representation of your current whitelist. Similar operations were possible for adding/removing from lists.

Actual Behaviour:

Since Pi-hole V5.0.0, the endpoints seem to crash the web server via a HTTP 500 status code. The endpoint is used in the app for Pi-hole I am maintaining. More users are reporting similar errors. This issue is tracked on the FlutterHole GitHub page.

My question: do other users have a working endpoint on their V5 Pi-hole? If not, would it be possible to get it working in V5?

I am aware that a new API is being built, but for now I am curious if the old API is just broken for me or others as well.

FlutterHole white-/blacklisting issue:

New Pi-hole API issue:

Debug Token:

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Yes, this is a bug already being reported here:

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