Black/White List references

I am requesting the replacing of “blacklist/whitelist” with “blocklist/allowlist” throughout the interface and underlying code. I cannot post in the feature request section yet, so I’m posting here hoping someone will proxy this request there.

I’m not here to debate the background of the terminology or start an argument with anyone.


That's not going to happen. There is a limit on feature requests from new forum members for a reason.

We've added some requirements to grant ability to send Feature Requests. We feel that higher quality Requests are a natural byproduct of the requirement to be a member of the Pi-hole Community. That membership is granted when you spend time with us, read other posts and topics and get involved with the Community.

This is evident in this particular case. You've read one topic, spent less than 1 minute engaged with us and have made one post. If you had spent more time then you would have seen the existing request.

As a side note, making a request and then stating that you're not here to debate your request leaves me with the feeling that you're making a demand and not a request.

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