Better gravity list: Removing duplicate domains (wildcards)

I have this line in /etc/dnsmasq.d/03-pihole-wildcard.conf:


However, in /etc/pihole/gravity.list, I still find:

Request: improve the routine to remove duplicate domains, so it takes the wildcard entries into account.

Warning: don't remove:

it's a different domain...

In the end of the pihole -g procedure remove all domains in the gravity.list which also are captured bij the wildcard list

An example: Wildcard is
In the gravity.list a domain like can be removed. It's double.

This reduces the size of the gravity.list, makes the PiHole a little bit faster and reduce some memory.

Regex blocking in v4.0 should address this.

I'm closing this FR and release votes in favor of

as it takes into account wildcards and regex. If you still support the request please vote over there.