Beta 5.0 notes and questions

Tried out the beta version and the Custom DNS works :smiley:

I did noticed some minor issues which should be fixed:

  • The entries are actually written to "/etc/pihole/custom.list" and not "/etc/hosts" as suggested by the webpage
  • The backup / teleporter is not including the custom.list but is including /etc/hosts

In the current released version, I have gone a different route to resolving the issue. I have added a file in /etc/dnsmasq-d called 09-static-dns.conf where I have listed my static hosts:

In my opinion, this would be a better option as this uses dnsmasq for the static hosts and the teleporter already by default includes all files in /etc/dnsmasq.d

As a side note, I have added several files in /etc/dnsmasq.d to enable pxe/tftp and also some dns domain specific forwards. Works really well and is automatically included in teleporter :smiley:

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This is not what is suggested. The specific wording is:

On this page, you can add domain/IP associations similar to records in /etc/hosts .