Be Able To Change Discourse Username


Can you please add the ability to change a users username on this forum?


You already can. It's in your settings.

Did you enable it for @Ukruler54321 in particular or is it generally available?

Because I can't (not that I want)...

It's enabled for new accounts, 3 days grace to fix what you didn't want to happen.

Is there any change you can enable it for all users and not just new accounts, 3 days grace.

I would like to use my YouTube & Twitter name, which I created after joining this forum.


Changing your username will make any @s or links to your existing name break, that's why there is a short window to change things, there shouldn't be much history to lose with only 3 days on the account.

If you want to be known as a different username then delete this account and make a new one.

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That's fine, I will keep my username as it is.

Could you share how one can delete an account? I don't see the option on settings so far.

You can't delete accounts in Discourse. We can anonymize your account which would prevent you from using it again, but your comments will stay.

Thanks for letting me know. I just want to be able to change my username to aruns. Is that possible with your help? (I don't see the setting at my end)

As far as I know, Discourse handles renames properly and replaces it in past posts too, but if you prefer pi-hole Discourse members create new accounts instead of renaming the username, I can do that. :+1:t4:


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