Be Able To Change Discourse Username


Can you please add the ability to change a users username on this forum?


You already can. It's in your settings.

Did you enable it for @Ukruler54321 in particular or is it generally available?

Because I can't (not that I want)...

It's enabled for new accounts, 3 days grace to fix what you didn't want to happen.

Is there any change you can enable it for all users and not just new accounts, 3 days grace.

I would like to use my YouTube & Twitter name, which I created after joining this forum.


Changing your username will make any @s or links to your existing name break, that's why there is a short window to change things, there shouldn't be much history to lose with only 3 days on the account.

If you want to be known as a different username then delete this account and make a new one.

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That's fine, I will keep my username as it is.