Batch import whitelists

Is ability add whitelist url no longer available?

as per:


Do you mean adlist URLs?

If so, you can add them via the adlist section of the group management menu.

Subscribed whitelists have never been possible

No, before, as I recall (tried Pi-Hole a year ago), we had ability add remote black and white lists, an maintain them remotely, pi-hole would automatically update them locally.
Now we can only add blacklists like that...

You could add items to an individual whitelist before, but certainly never had the ability to subscribe to them :slight_smile:

That's not to say it wont happen in the future, there is an open feature request for the idea, but it hasn't happened yet.

Were you maybe using a third party tool to do this? I promise you, subscribed whitelists were never a part of Pi-hole in the past!

This was a user mod script, not a feature built into Pi-hole.

I might have mistaking it with something else than.

What is it you want to do now? Perhaps we can help you do this in V5.0.

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